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Calendar Create a countdown timer to your important event and SocialCountdown will keep track of the remaining time to the second.


New Year 2014You can optionally customize your timer by uploading a background image that matches the event and linking to an existing event website.


Social Countdown logoShare your event with the world, your friends or make it private.
Everyone you share the countdown with can subscribe to be notified at interval until the event moment.

Sharing is fun!

Free countdown widget for your website

SocialCountdown widgets SocialCountdown share button We've made it really easy for you to display your countdown timer on your own website. The unique code you need to place on your web page for each timer is on the Share timer dialog box.

Visit the widgets page for more information.

And it's free!

It is free to create timers and share them with the public or with just your friends. Start here!

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